About Us

“We should not be afraid to go into a new ERA, to leave the old beyond”


As the new decade kicks off in 2020, so does the beginning of our new ERA, although facing the challenges of Covid19, we are ready to assist our valued clients.

ERA FM Solutions was Established in 2020 by 3 Individuals taking hands to transform the industry. With more than 30 years experience, both locally and internationally, we believe that our approach to Facilities Management, and to each individual service, will be cherished.
Our service is an extension of our client,

- Your strategy becomes Our strategy -


Transformation is at the heart of the ERA ethos and with a 51% stake in our business, Philile Dlamini leads the teams relentlessly towards excellence.

Skills transfer and extended training of our teams are of critical importance and we firmly support personal and professional growth of our people. Each member of our team will contribute to the greater development of our economy, leading to a vibrant economical impact.
Level 2 BBBEE contributor.
ERA FM continuously strive towards the next goal being a Level 1 BBBEE contributor.
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Our values


Actions that inspire trust and confidence


Execution as one team


Diligently committed to Quality in all we do

Customer Charm

Delivering exceptional Experience


Aspiration to constantly transform our people, Customers and business


We are committed to the wellbeing and development of our people, and our obligation to our customers

Benefits to you and your employees


Enhancement of your strategy by your service provider - An almost ‘unheard of’ solution.


Safety - Service delivery has to be provided with Safety as the main pillar of operation.


Employees feel valued, recognised and motivated.


A sense of belonging through social interaction in the workplace.


Continuous excellence in service delivery through a well defined Service Level Agreement that is linked to specific Key Performance Indicators.


Controlled service delivery costs agreed to between ERA FM and our clients.


A collaborative management approach through our ‘We Company’ approach to service delivery - You remain in control of costs and direction.


Positive impact on your Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment results - 125% recognition for your spending with ERA FM Solutions.


Local is Lekker – Our Clients are contributing to the local economy with all its challenges by appointing a locally owned organisation, addressing the past imbalances.

Health and Safety

ERA FM Solutions understand the importance of Health, Safety and Sanitisation in the Workplace, Institution and Office.

Detailed Risk Assessments are performed to ensure that the correct measures are implemented and maintained to minimise the risk of possible spread of infection.

Various strategies are available to address our client’s needs and ERA FM collaborates with clients to ensure a cost effective solution.